Chasing the View off the Cliff // John “Luc-E” Englebert // 1994

From Tony Marion:  “I have one more story I forgot to tell you. . . It’s totally indicative of 90s BMX. – Jeremy and I and some other people were headed home from a BS Comp (I can’t remember which one). I was driving but Jer was awake, and we had totally blown our gasoline estimate.  It looked like we could run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.  As we were talking about it, Jim Dellavale’s van passes us, so I said to Jer “I’ll catch up and tail Jim, if it looks like we’re not going to make it to a gas station, I’ll flash the lights and he’ll know we’re in trouble.” We were almost tapped out when we saw an exit with a gas station, and to our surprise, Jim’ s van pulled off too. We both pulled up to gas pumps, and Luc-E and I bail out of  our respective vehicles to pump gas. Luc-E looks at me and says, “As soon as I saw you guys I slowed down because we were almost  out of gas, and I was going to flash you if we ran out so that you guys could help us.” That would have been amazing – the Lancaster and Allentown-Bethlehem crews, basically the entirety of the eastern Pennsylvania BMX contingent for that comp, both run out of gas in the middle of nowhere because none of us had any concept of planning ahead.  Too bad there wasn’t social media then!”
You can read more about Tony and Chasing the View off the Cliff by clicking here!

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