Does BMX Need A Masters Class?


Wouldn’t it be great to see more BMX contests have a Master’s class. Last year at Texas Toast, Haro sponsored a Masters class and it seemed to go over great! The crowd was into it and it came down to The Fids on a yellow S&M Dirt Bike battling it out with Pat Miller on his Hoffman Condor. Thats about as classic as you can get! I don’t think it could have went down any better. BMX needs to see more of this style events. Its not unusual to see a guy out riding between 40 and 50 these days and they still need hero’s to watch and get excited for. As BMX gets older we can only hope that the industry will pay attention to the older demographic and not just give up on riders when they turn 30. There are plenty of ex-pros and just amazing local riders who still ride at a high level and would jump at the chance to ride in an event like this. Please tell me in the comments what you guys would like to see and your thoughts on at least a yearly Masters class.

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