Epicly Later’d // Spike Jonze & Archive Photos // September 2017

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He may be more well known for his remarkably creative skateboarding, music video, and Hollywood related endeavors, but Spike Jonze was a BMXer.  I think the word they used back then was “dual,”  meaning to both bike and skate.  Nevertheless, his contributions to freestyle in the late 80s and early 90s were a big part of why BMX Action, Freestylin’, and GO looked so incredible during those years. Check out the video and click below to see a few of our favorite photos taken by (and taken of) Spike.

Spike Jonze // Nick Phillip inspired BS Boneless // 1988?

Spike Jonze //  2-Hip MTS // 1991 – Spike entered Expert at every 2-Hip contest this year, and I think either he or Ruben Castillo may have won the Am title for 91.  Does anyone out there remember?  Is this thing on?  Delaware, are you still there?


Mike Dominguez // Fullpipe Fakie // November 1988 Freestylin' // Photo Spike Jonze

Mike Dominguez // Fullpipe Fakie // Freestylin’ November 1988

Mat Hoffman // Candy-Can on that white PK Ripper // Colorado Springs 2-Hip King of Vert // 1989

Ron W // shot by Spike for Go // 2-Hip KOV , Thrasherland, AZ // 1990?

Tim “Fuzzy” Hall // Vision Street Wear ad –  “Fuzzy in Yarn” // 1988  (Editors Note: the Funk Pelts T-shirt…If you didn’t know, this was Freestylin’ alum and Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine’s t-shirt company.  Spike and Jeff grew up in the same area and also went to the same high school)

It’s amazing just how many people have shot photos – of Spike shooting photos // Blyther // Topside 1 footed hip-hanger // 1988?

Brett Hernandez’s flatland zeal still makes me want to go ride.  The colors and framing in this picture are awesome!

Mark Lewman – Rolling Nightmare // Nominee for Best Bike Test Photo // 1988

Blyther // Composition, Kneesavers & Life’s a Beach Shorts // Dominguez’s Ramp // 1988

Natas Kaupas // bs tailslide & a perfect strobe sequence // In the true spirit of Freestylin’, I had to throw in a couple of my favorite skate photos Spike has taken.

Mark Gonzales // Tijuana Skatepark // 1990?

Blyther // Full-Pipe at Eleven // 1988

Eddie Roman // San Diego, CA // 1988

Joe // Johnson & Dave Voelker-Turndown // 2-hip // Meet The Street // Salem, OR // 1989

Joe Johnson & Dave Voelker // 2-hip // Meet The Street // Salem, OR // 1989

Thanks for looking through!  Let us know if you have any other Spike photos that you think we should add to this. There are a ton of great ones out there.


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