FBM Brawlin at the Belmar //2010


If there is one thing that sets any company apart from FBM it’s the fun vibes the company gives off. This can be taken in first hand at any of their events which have been going on all over the east coast for years now.

That Chirs Doyle Guy

The Brawlin at the Belmar events were an annual wild dirt jump contest that consisted of one giant dirt jump in the back of a bar in beautiful Binghamton New York. Binghamton is a no rules post-industrial town that was home to the brand for years. ┬áThe name came from the bars name, The Belmar has a motley crew of regulars including it’s owner. They held this event three years in a row, but I can not remember where in the timeline this event was.

Typical Binghamton child care techniques

Here are a few pics from the 2010 event that went down with a bunch of people jumping bikes at a bar.


Bicycle Stunts

Big Time Sports Announcers

All types of bikes and weirdos made it out to these events


Share any stories you have from these in the comments.

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