Friends Section // B**stiality // 1995 (Huge Stair Gap)

The friends section includes Tommy Graven, Simon Barry, Jason Thom, Jarek Naslund, Corby, Oliver, Erik ‘ODB’ Jensen, Dave Osato, Matt Sager, Justin Ferry, Gabe Gamble, Eric Philly, Dom Mach, John Oldham, Jimmy Levan, Jeremy Davis, Ian Munroe, Travis Brown, Chris Eimen, Dave Young, Andy Merrall, Jack Crocker, Cruiser Lee Burns, Sean Yarroll, Marty McFarland, Daniel Randall, Yankee Doodle, & Dave Hempy who finishes this part off with what i think was the biggest street gap to be done at that time! An 8 flat 8 on a brakeless S&M Holmes.The NW flew under the radar hard in the early to mid 90’s.

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