Rob Nolli VHS // Hoffman Warehouse Session 1997

Paul Covey was nice enough to share this awesome video of Rob Nolli shredding the Hoffman Warehouse back in 1997 like only Rob Nolli can.

Paul worked at Hoffman Bikes for many years and has loads of unseen footage that he’ll be sharing with the site.

Here’s what Paul had to say about this video:

“From the Archives – Rob Nolli VHS – Hoffman Warehouse Session 1997 – Rob Nolli shreds the late-90s fire out of the 2nd Hoffman Warehouse, armed with smooth, fast, tech, four pegs, two brakes, and enough seat post to make the entire DIG magazine editorial staff want to put down their Hasselblads and pick up rollerblades.
This was Rob’s first and only session at the park, while passing through with the GT Air Show, and in typical Nolli fashion, everything was pulled first try.”

Special guest appearance by Brian Blyther.

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