Goods BMX // Cascadia 4 // Portland Trails, Street & More!

I had some footage from the only time I filmed at the trails in SW Portland before they got plowed so I wanted to post up the stuff I had so the riders and diggers had some footage to remember them with. I added in some other footage that had been chilling on my camera for everyone to enjoy.

Featuring Brad Tibbett, Justin Inman, Ryan Greene, Snotty, Madras Matt, Robert, Chromey Homie, KC Badger, Nick Vergillo, Aryei Levenson, Hobie Doan, Wes Monroe, Joe Loumena, Evan Lane, Alejandro Hererra, Ryan Souva, John Bristol, Andy Merrall, Yuki, John Oldham, Cody Larsen, Draven Wheeland, Deanthony Carthon, Frank Walter, Sterling Truesdell, Cody Scott, & Jimmy Cogen.

I know I have missed a few names so if you know the riders I’m missing leave a comment please!

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