In The Raw // 2-Hip Thrasherland K.O.V. // 1991

If this contest doesn’t get you pumped on vert riding i don’t know what will. There is vert royalty in this mixed in with some awesome underground hero’s you don’t get to see much like Gary Laurent ruling this ramp on his Free Agent & the elusive Greg Guillotte killing it like he only can throwing down wild variations and nothing airs like they were nothing!

So many awesome riders in this video! Greg Guillotte, Mat Hoffman, Dino Deluca, Chris Potts, Ron Wilkerson, Bob Kohl, Leigh Ramsdell, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Eben Krakau, Dennis Mccoy, Rick Thorne, Gary Laurent, even more more pro’s and a handful of Am’s.

*Some one emailed me this footage months ago and it took forever to get it to work. The file was corrupt so at some point the audio gets looped but does not effect the footage. You just may here the same announcing twice.
Also if you are the one who emailed me this footage you did not send a name so i could credit you. Thank you again for the awesome footage!*

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