In The Raw // The First San Jose Ramp Club Contest // 1995

Raw footage of the first ever San Jose Ramp Club (SJRC) contest in 1995. See the early days of many of NorCals finest including pre-Haro Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kagy, Cameron Birdwell, Matt Mardesich, Craig Hoffman, Jeremy Bettendorf, Damien “Squirrel” Schinilla, Chris “Butthead” Bryant, Jimmy Garcia, Kurt “Crobar” Yeager, Oscar Gonzales, and others. Glad to see this footage come to light. This park birthed some legends in the BMX world.

Box: Cameron Birdwell (orange shirt white full face), Kurt Yaeger (white shirt, white hat, 2 legs), Damein “Squirrel” Skinella (White shirt, blue open full face), Ryan Nyquist (blue shirt, black protec), Chad Kagy (red shirt, white protec), Craig Hoffman (white full face and super long hair), Jeremy Bettendorf (yellow bike), Matt Mardesich (yellow protec), Chris “Butthead” Bryant (blue shirt, white full face), Jimmy Garcia (white shirt, white open face)

Vert: Ron Wilkerson, Mike Krnaich, Oscar Gonzales

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