Jared Washington’s 1995 Hoffman Taj

Everyone has that one bike that took them from Timmy status to where you felt like you could hold your own in a session. For Jared Washington that bike was a Hoffman Taj. Click the link and read about what made this bike so special for him!

The Taj was my first legit freestyle bike. My parents got me the frame fork stem combo for my birth day and I built the rest up with what I had. A few months later was Christmas and I got some super pros for it and I had myself a sick ass bike. I loved it I rode it for like 2-3 years until it cracked . By that time it was long discontinued, I learned so much on that bike that I had to find another and build it up again . I learned wall rides, rails, barspins 180s etc on that heavy ass bike when I was like 13, (I re shot a wall ride where I learned them On a slant wall) Great memories , such a good time in BMX the mid-90’s was.

Jared Washington // Double peg on a Hoffman Taj
“I totally placed my bike up there and faked this grind lol but check out that play beanie and standard hoodie!”

I got super lucky finding this NOS ramp room taj frame on eBay and not having to go into a bidding war that bad. I think I got it for 300 and worth every penny. I got even luckier with the stem/fork combo, cranks and wheels I scored on a craigslist find for 100 dollars!

Jared Washington // Hoffman Taj

I spent about 2 years sourcing all of my favorite parts from that era I’m 99% happy with it I just might switch out the tires. I hang it on my wall along with my signature frame they both represent really fun times in my life and I can’t ever imagine getting rid of either one.

Jared Washington // Double peg on a Hoffman Taj

Jared Washington // Fakie Wallride on a 1995 Hoffman Taj

Frame: 1995 Hoffman Taj (Ramp Room made in the USA)
Forks: 1995 Super Forks
Stem: Hoffman Bomber Man
Handlebars: Hoffman Low Drag
Grips:Primo V
Bar Ends: Peregrine
Lever: Tech 77 lever
Wheels:Peregrine Super Pros
Tires:Primo V rear and Dirt Monster front
Pegs:Hoffman laurel and hardy pegs
Cranks: Profile 180mm
Sprocket: Profile Ripsaw
Seat: Hoffman Landing Pad
Seatpost: Hoffman Post
Seatpost Clamp: DK
Chain Tensioners: Kink
Miscellaneous: Primo Pervert

Jared Washington // Wallride on a 1995 Hoffman Taj

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