Jay Miron // Velvet Taxi Remix // 1995

I always sit down and watch Jinx clothing’s ‘Velvet Taxi’ For the Jay Miron footage.So i decided to make a lil’ remix to make it easier. From him killing German mini ramps, riding flatland,Going ham at Marseille, destroying cement vert ramps on the beach (if someone knows where this is please tell me), going crazy at sheep hills, and destroying some So Cal pools including the Nude Bowl. Jay’s riding in Velvet Taxi was so high level at that time from almost landing a triple truck driver and fully committing to a double flip all about a year before the resi mat showed up. True gladiator style. Im pretty sure this was all filmed from 93′ to 95′.
All hail the ‘Canadian Beast’! We miss seeing you charging!

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