Lets Talk About It // Dino Deluca


I was flipping thru the 1989 February issue of BMX Plus and came across this photo of Dino Deluca on his local ramp in Camarillo. The photo was from a contest that they thru. two things about this photo that I like and why I wanted to post it up.

First Dino is wearing street clothes. I love seeing photos from the 80’s of riders looking like they would normally when they were just getting a session in with guys. I know toward the later part of the 80’s you would see this a little more with some of the core guys but I feel like the GT/Dyno riders were rarely seen without the jersey’s. I know this sounds like such a petty thing but I feel like it was a big deal when riders started going away from this.

Second was that Dino is just doing a simple cancan. I mean it’s more than a simple cancan its a really stylish can but like lots of riders Dino usually would get photos of Rubberband airs or his signature Lookbacks while using that coaster brake for maximum boneage.

I wanna hear your guys thoughts on the picture and if you preferred seeing guys in the jersey’s or in street clothes. Chime in on whatever you like in the comments.

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