Trove // Burnt Toast // NW Scene Video // 1996

When I was 19 this vid played on loop everyday at my apartment. Sky Stewart made this vid and I believe he lived in Bellingham Wa. at the time. That location made it perfect to capture some amazing riding come out of the Seattle area, His area, & Vancouver BC.
This video along with the Infection series were a staple up here and I think some of the rest of the countries introduction to the NW bmx scene.
Featuring Dave Osato, Dave Thom, Mark ‘Toast’ Johnson, Sky Stewart, Ben Marean, Scott Matual, Dirt Bros Matt, Scott Hagnas, Chris Eiman, Mat Sager, Pat Joubert, Jarek Naslund, Eric Stefano, Josh Thom, Shane Youngren, Greg Axford, Darcy Saccucci, Jason Thom, Kelly Baker, Adam Pope, Jason Enns, & a whole lot more!

ATTENTION- I had to cut one song in this do to copy right but the music starts up again after about a minute!

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80’s BMX Freestyle! // Klamath Falls Oregon // Late 80’s

I was chatting with Josh Clemens a few weeks back and he told me that his dad Tim had transferred a bunch of footage from the late 80’s. Tim is an Oregon OG and grew up only a few hours from me in Central Oregon. I can’t believe they had this Camarillo style ramp close to me and I never rode it!
Dig into this awesome bmx freestyle time peice of Tim Clemens and his friends shredding in the middle of nowhere Oregon!

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Evan Lane // Goods BMX // Large Dog Area?

Large Dog area only please.

Filmed and Edited by Juan Ogaz Large Dog area only please. Filmed and Edited by Juan Ogaz Instagram: @jaogaz
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Facad // Full Video // 2006

So I have an enormous box of loose tapes. Most of I have filmed but there are randoms that I find like this one. It was one of the Master mini DVD’s of the Facad video. So I had to post this up! Bruce Crisman and crew changed the game when this dropped! Give it a watch if you have seen it and if you have not then please watch this piece of BMX history!

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ZRide // The Royal Z-Bahms // Issue #2 // 2003

After posting up the Zride video I knew I had to track down the even quirkier issue #2. With help from Hardcopy BMX we found a copy and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Featuring a Las Extras, Ben Hucke bio, Ben ‘Twin Fin’ McEwen bio, Elamenop Jam, Seth Kimbrough bike check, Rob Darden & Josh Harrington in Australia, How to crank flip with Ben Ward, Las extra’s part 2, & a Bruce Crisman profile.

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Pool Service Announcement – A Short Film by Dean Dickinson

Dean Dickinson’s pool riding short film shot on Super 8mm

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The Simplicity of a Day Trip // 44 Something

My Birthday is tomorrow. I’ll be 44. I know its very cliche but it really does feel like yesterday I was 18 and was learning handrails on a Wilkerson Airlines. I have noticed as I age that luckily my bmx bike has stayed pretty constant. It has been a tool that has helped me stay grounded and always have a way to escape the ‘Real World’ around me. CHECK OUT MORE »

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Jared Souney’s New Photo Book // Things Seen Along The Way

Hey Jared. You surprised me at the shop yesterday with your new photo book! Honestly I was blown away on the size,quality, and how you kept a project this massive quiet for so long.
Can you give us a lil background on what inspired you to get this book going?

I didn’t plan on doing a book, it started more as an organization project, just to get a bunch of old film out of boxes and into a filing cabinet. I had been using some of the last winter rainy season here in Portland to scan and put names to images I liked while I was still able to do it. In other words, while I had a working scanner, and while I still had some sense of the who, what, and where of the photos. There was no rhyme or reason to my film archives after moving across the country a few times over the years. No organization at all. A lot of the old stuff was crammed in boxes and I’d go through it occasionally and maybe scan things for instagram, but I wasn’t necessarily doing it in an archival manner. I guess I was trying to start fresh and put together my favorite shots on a hard drive in some sort of cleaned up archive.

I think in early February I started dumping some of my favorite shots into an InDesign file… not necessarily as a book, just seeing where it went. Things were starting to shut down at that point due to the pandemic, and I was just occupying my time, tinkering around on the computer and around my studio. That file I was working on was in no way a BMX book. It was a little of everything — weird photos from around Portland, snowboarding, skateboarding, motocross, music, BMX — really a little of everything with no real direction. Then the world shut down.

I kept scanning and dumping stuff I liked off of hard drives into these InDesign layout files that kept growing. I think I figured I’d maybe make some zines or something. At some point in March or April I had these three or four massive layout files with hundreds of pages each… I had over 2000 pages between them, of just random shit I liked put into spreads. One of the files was very loosely chronological, and was action sports focussed overall, but it wasn’t specifically BMX. I spent weeks just moving shit around in these different documents. I kept coming back to that chronological document, organizing it further, cutting stuff from it, adding stuff to it. The more I went along it wasn’t cohesive at all. It was like five books that someone shuffled into one. I think in June at some point, when we’d been stuck shut down for months, I was losing my mind trying to figure out what to do with all the shit I’d been moving around on my computer. I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere, so I started focusing on one of those layout documents, trying to put together some sort of story. Slowly the more I edited it down, the more focussed it got. It probably wasn’t until early July that I said “fuck it, I’m gonna put all this BMX stuff into something of its own.” At that point I made another InDesign file, moved all my BMX stuff that I’d been playing with into it, and then just locked myself in to making something out of that, even if I never actually printed it. I don’t think I had fully committed to making it until the second week of July, and then I gave myself till the end of the month to have something done, and just focussed completely on that. I’d say most of June and all of July, every waking moment I was moving photos around InDesign documents in my head.


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Bruce Crisman // Facad Video // 2006

There weren’t a lot of riders at this time making street riding & freecoaster riding look so fluid. Bruce Changed the game with this part!

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In The Raw // The First San Jose Ramp Club Contest // 1995

Raw footage of the first ever San Jose Ramp Club (SJRC) contest in 1995. See the early days of many of NorCals finest including pre-Haro Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kagy, Cameron Birdwell, Matt Mardesich, Craig Hoffman, Jeremy Bettendorf, Damien “Squirrel” Schinilla, Chris “Butthead” Bryant, Jimmy Garcia, Kurt “Crobar” Yeager, Oscar Gonzales, and others. Glad to see this footage come to light. This park birthed some legends in the BMX world.

Box: Cameron Birdwell (orange shirt white full face), Kurt Yaeger (white shirt, white hat, 2 legs), Damein “Squirrel” Skinella (White shirt, blue open full face), Ryan Nyquist (blue shirt, black protec), Chad Kagy (red shirt, white protec), Craig Hoffman (white full face and super long hair), Jeremy Bettendorf (yellow bike), Matt Mardesich (yellow protec), Chris “Butthead” Bryant (blue shirt, white full face), Jimmy Garcia (white shirt, white open face)

Vert: Ron Wilkerson, Mike Krnaich, Oscar Gonzales

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