PDXBMX Files #2 // 1999 // Portland Street & Nelson B.C. Contest

Digging through my tapes last night and I ended up pulling out this jem. I’m pretty sure this was the first tape we started filming Blueprint on. It has clips from the old Salem indoor, the Spokane Washington park, the Punisher pool, Portland streets and then it ends with footage I had from one the infamous Nelson contests!
This tape was pretty jacked so I couldn’t pull everything I would have liked to and some of the clips have glitches. It is still fun to watch and a super fun time to be in the NW!

Riders are Brennan Britton, Tommy Graven, Travis Fontaine, Daniel Randall, Justin Inman, Eric Walter, Shane Youngren, Twin Finn, Jeremy Coft, Shad Johnson, Dave Thom, Kyle, Jeremy Davis, Dustin Guenther, Andrew Ryser, Curtis Easterbrook, John Bristol, Jarrod Creally, Toast, Dave Osato, & Jay Miron.

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