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For our latest podcast in collaboration with Dig we sat down with Pete Augustin.

Pete Augustin is one of kind. Inspired in part by the legendary Dave Vanderspek he was one of the first guys to literally put some ‘meat’ into the early ‘meet the street’ contests. Always going against the grain with a gnarly zero bullshit approach Pete has never stopped riding but yet has never really fitted in.
Late in 2015 we were over at a BBQ at Dave Voelker’s house and luckily enough the legend that is Pete Augustin was there. We were lucky enough to get himto to take a break from seeing friends to talk to about his early days riding in San Diego, his Schwinn and CW years, Mission Trails, The Dirt Bros, bashguards, why having soul is still important in your riding, and interestingly how he sees the ‘BMX circus’ of the eighties returning to the detriment of how BMX is shaping up today. Pete doesn’t hold back when it comes to saying what he thinks. Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel on itunes. If you rate and review the series it’s greatly appreciated!

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