Ride Movie Trailer // John Buutljens Movie

RIDE from ESX Productions on Vimeo.

In our podcast with John he talked about his book and how a movie was being made about his life and now the trailer is out. Give the trailer a watch and make sure to check it out once it’s released.

Here is the description for the Bentonville Film Festival where the movie will be showing next month.

Following a violent incident at 8 years of age, John McCord, a troubled youth from a white supremacist family is sent to a juvenile detention center by the courts. After spending the better part of his childhood locked up, a persistent social worker finally finds John potential foster parents: Eldridge and Marianna Buultjens. John becomes hopeful until the foster parents arrive and he discovers that Eldridge is black. With no better alternative, John agrees to go home with them. Things are tumultuous at first, but Eldridge is determined to get through to John. When Eldridge discovers John’s fascination with BMX and teaches him how to ride a bicycle, the two start to form a bond and helps thrust John down the path to BMX glory.

Also don’t forget John is selling off much of his vintage Haro collection (yes, he really is) here.

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