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I sat down with Sean Burns on an extremely hot day in Austin back in 2016 to talk about his early days riding trails, his Metal Bikes days, how to land flat on big gaps and what it takes to run Bonedeth!

“We’ve been huge fans of this guy since ‘way back when’ here at DIG. At first we were drawn to his riding style and his wild / funny antics, and then it was his stories and contributions to our print mag over the years that kept us even more stoked on him. Nowadays we admire more than ever for not only still killing it on his bike (despite having a riding style that really takes it toll on the body), but for having the energy to shout down the racists, fascists and homophobes online that unfortunately (still) pollute pockets of the BMX world like they unfortunately do in the rest of the ‘real’ world. This interview was conducted way back last year and for endless reasons has taken us forever to publish. We hope you enjoy.”

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