Sean Yarroll // Hasta Luego Session

matty3Last weekend, Dave White of AREA 43 infamy hosted a low-key going away BBQ for one of San Diego’s finest freestylers.  Slayer enthusiast Sean Yarroll is making the move to Spokane, WA, and we’re all gonna miss the big lug a ton.  Riders of all ages stopped by the Poway, California compound throughout the day to say their good-byes to Yarroll and take a few runs on White’s plywood playground.  Check out a few pics I snapped, and if you live in Spokane, get ready for Sean to shred your city’s face off!

vk1Vince Kroff slaps a monkey plant, and Keith Treanor (far right) avoids a sun burn.

rm1Ricky Moseley and I have done dozens of shows together over the past 6 years, and he is one of the most diversely talented people I know.  Be it ocean wave photography, complex mechanics, business acumen, global positioning, or casual toothpicks on a sub-box – Ricky knows what’s up.

st1Another San Diego OG, new father, and artist extraordinaire, Sam Townsley with a coiled X-Up.

matty-yarrol-samMat Stockton kicks out a tail-tap on the bowl extension while Yarroll kicks back a drink, and Sam Townsley just kicks back.

matty“Ratty” Maty Stockton went big on the hip and impressively nailed quick tricks into, and out of nosepicks and fufanus on the sub-box.

matty2This photo of Maty Stockton’s 270 toboggan over the big hip contains a guy, a girl, a eucalyptus tree, a frightened canine, a Matt Coplon (hangin’ loose, no less), and just enough raditude.

Other notable attendees through out the day included:  Mike Parenti, Alexis Desloneux, Gervais Rousseau, John Buultjens, Clint Millar, Manual De La Cruz, Ronnie Farmer, Fred Ansfield (who made Dirt Bros Cheese), Dana Czech, Mike Grosse, Eric Horell, Jared Eberwein, and a slew of other rippers whose names escape me.
Thanks for the fun day all, and hasta luego Sean!

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