Shad Johnson // B**stiality // 1995

I figured i would post up my part from the Eugene Or. area video Beastiality to get things rolling. I didnt use the name in the title for this video because i didnt want it to be lumped in with some weird search engines. We named it that due to in the intro we were chasing sheep naked.This part was filmed in 94′ & 95′. At the time i was really into Brian Castillo and riding street and the Eugene & Coos Bay scene’s were blowing up.This was a time in Oregon when the Portland scene that had been so strong in the 80’s had died and we were picking up the pieces. Frank Walter, Tyler Shaw & I worked on this video together and i will be posting up the rest of it in the weeks to come. Just a warning that if you have seen the original these will be edited so Youtube doesn’t pull the videos. The feeble rail attempt wreck at the end messed me up for a few days.

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