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Bruce Crisman // Podcast

I sat down at home in Portland with Bruce Crisman, a genuine street pioneer who not only heavily pushed the progression of freecoaster riding, but was also an XGames champion. Bruce and I have been close friends for over 20 … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Andy Merrall // Collection Edit

Andy Merrall put together this part that is a good mix of self filmed lines of him at Burnside and FDR. THere is also a good amount of of the NW homies and a few Brian Foster clips mixed in! … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Bruce Crisman // Dig 25 // 2002

Bruce Crisman’s part in the Dig 25 video. Bruce was on Haro at the time and was spending his summers riding Woodward and shredding Burnside, Tron, and Lincoln City when he was back home in Oregon. A few cameo clips … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Eric Walter // Blueprint // 2001

During the 3 years that we filmed for Blueprint Eric went hard. So hard that he broke his leg twice. When he wrecks on the roofgap in the begining of his section it was right after he was cleared to … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Burnside Handoff

Any rider who has picked up a shovel, gripped a hammer, or spent time looking over fences for a at least partially emptied pool can attest to the unspoken rules of “respect the efforts of others” and “no help, no … CHECK OUT MORE »

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T.GIF // Bruce Crisman

Bruce Crisman // Burnside // 1999 // Photo: Mark Losey

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Want Some Mat Hoffman Artwork?

Go to: 32auctions.com/deansdirty30 to bid on Mat Hoffman’s self portrait painting of the man himself shredding the infamous Pink Motel Pool. One of a kind and original art. 38″ x 23.5″ hand painted on wood. Auction ends THIS SATURDAY JANUARY … CHECK OUT MORE »

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John Bristol // B**stiality // 1995

John Bristol’s part in Beastiality was him breaking away from just riding vert and stepping into riding dirt and street at that time. Always showing that he has been one of the best well rounded riders from Oregon.

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T.GIF // Taj Mihelich

There’s a lot of crazy things that have happened under the Burnside Bridge over the years. This gap over the Big Bowl by Taj back in 1994 from Ride BMX Issue 13 is still one of the craziest. Rumor has … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Trifecta // Andy Merrall

Andy Merrall is one of my best friends and I have ridden with him for over 20 years. He has always been a bad ass and has helped build the scene in Portland for a long time. The Trifecta series … CHECK OUT MORE »

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