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Pool Service Announcement Extras! // Raw & Barely Cut

TEAM SHRALP presents POOL SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Extras. Raw and barely cut, shot on Super 8mm Film. Featuring: Andrew Lazaruk, Rooftop, Dean Dickinson, Stevo Sharp, Nick Peterson, Jamie Jacobson, TJ Schick, & Janthavy Norton. Filmed/Edited By: Dean Dickinson

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Pool Seekers // Rick Thorne and Ron Wilkerson

Rick Thorne’s new season of pool seekers just dropped and in total Rick fashion these show’s are a lot of fun! We posted his episode with Ron Wilkerson but you can watch season 1 & 2 by clicking the link … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Rooftops Pool Party Photo Gallery By Dean Dickinson

BMX Bikes at Rooftops Pool Party

Pool shredding might be the most disposable form of riding. Other than trails, I can’t think of any another aspect of BMX that is so short lived. It’s pretty nuts how much effort backyard pool riders put into something that … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Garrett Byrnes // Animal X Terrible One // Tire Promo

Well fuck Garrett’s ender made me swear out loud while there were customers in my shop! Lots of East Coast crete and I was especially stoked on the Landsdowne clips! You can get your Animal/T1 tires here!

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In The Raw // So Cal Pools // 2000

So Cal pool riding at the turn of the century. Midschool bikes at there finest, heavy and fast. Matt Stroud and Mike Tokumoto ride a few gems in this with a cameo from Sean ‘Fish ‘Hoskins. Big thanks to Matt … CHECK OUT MORE »

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