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Scott Fluker // BMX Miniatures

How did you get into Bmx? My father bought me my first BMX in about 1980. It was a Healing HMX 500. I raced for years locally as well as National events in New Zealand with some sponsorship support from … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Wadeaminute // Skinny Ripper

About ten years ago I came up with a new idea for a commuter bike that I called a “tribrid”: A bike that combined the best bits from a BMX, a mountain bike, and a road bike. Essentially, a bike … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Wadeaminute // Artefacts: A PK Story

I’m excited to introduce one of my freestyle buddies Wade Nelson and his new monthly article called Wadeaminute. Wade has deep roots in BMX and even more in the Canadian BMX scene. So sit back and enjoy some of the … CHECK OUT MORE »

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