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John Buultjens Haro Collection For Sale

John Buultjens is selling off his extensive collection of over 100+ Haro Pro Models, ranging from 1982-Modern Day. Head over to John’s page on BMX Museum for pricing. Also don’t forget to check out our John Buultjens podcast while your … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Ken Labelle’s // 1989 Haro Sport Prototype // Ron Wilkerson Tribute bike

I started riding BMX freestyle around 1985. I rode a Haro Master after and built a wedge ramp and rickety ¼ pipe with my dad in the driveway. I wasn’t a fan of the typical summer sports like baseball and … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1991 Haro Sport

This weeks Tricked Out Tuesday is just one of the many bikes John Buultjens collection. You can hear about John’s collection and much more on our the most recent Snakebite // Dig Podcast with John here and you can check … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1988 Haro Team Sport

This weeks Tricked Out Tuesday is inspired by our podcast with Brian Blyther. Listen to our Blyther podcast here and checkout to more pics of this bike at BMX Museum.

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Let Me Ride // Wulfran Laine

wulfran laine : "let me ride" by Wulfran_Laine Wulfran Laine killing it in Paris with his late 80’s/ early 90s style on a 88 Haro Sport in 2015.

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Haro // 1985 Tribute Frames

Haro is at it again! This time they are re-releasing their iconic line from 1985! Three frames that changed the way we looked and rode BMX. The FST, Sport,and Master are all fan favorites. If you are wanting one of … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Double Trouble // T.GIF // Ron Wilkerson & Mat Hoffman

We were to busy getting runs in at the St. Johns fullpipe to get last weeks T.GIF up. So to make up for it here’s a double dose of radness. Ron Wilkerson disaster in the Home Ave. Ditch on a … CHECK OUT MORE »

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John Buultjens & The Direction Of Haro

Growing up in the 80’s Haro ruled everything BMX. The products ruled and there team was stacked. I was even a GT kid growing up but I still knew Haro was #1. Then the 90’s came along and I feel … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Mike Dominguez Joins The Haro Legends Team.

It’s always a good day when you can get to see some new Mike Dominguez footage! I’m really excited with what Haro has been doing lately and now their Legend’s team is growing. This video runs thru a day with … CHECK OUT MORE »

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