Take It or Leave It // 2007

While attending film school at Orange Coast College my final project was to produce a documentary. At the time I was living with Kurt Rasmusson and riding a TON of pools. I pitched the idea to my professor to create a pool riding documentary and he gave me the green-light. The rest is history. Special thanks to all the riders, TEAM SHRALP, Shad Johnson, Rich Hirsch, and Lotek for helping get the movie made. – Dean Dickinson Take It Or Leave It is a BMX shralpumentary that leaps into the mind of a true pool rider. Fed up and pissed off with the current state of Southern California skatepark politics, these riders find an alternative terrain in the backyards of abandon wastelands. From seeking out crack infested neighborhoods to pumping out thousands of gallons of diseased water with pool pumps.

Take It Or Leave It is a dive into a BMX lifestyle that you’ve never seen before. Featuring: Kurt Rasmusson, Dakota Roche, Sean “Fish” Hoskins, Brian Martyn, Mike Tokumoto, Chester Blacksmith, Austin McCabe, Dean Dickinson, and more! Shot on Mini DV, 16mm, and Super 8mm Film. Approx 32 mins 2007

Dedicated to Zane Levitt R.I.P.

-Dean Dickinson

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