The Simplicity of a Day Trip // 44 Something

My Birthday is tomorrow. I’ll be 44. I know its very cliche but it really does feel like yesterday I was 18 and was learning handrails on a Wilkerson Airlines. I have noticed as I age that luckily my bmx bike has stayed pretty constant. It has been a tool that has helped me stay grounded and always have a way to escape the ‘Real World’ around me.

I have noticed in the past few years that riding at times is a lot harder for me. Granted I know I am not the spitting image of health. I do know that when things aren’t feeling perfect when I ride nothing can change that feeling of jumping in the car for a day trip with one friend or maybe a few and just explore.

This past weekend I drove some of the Oregon Coast with John Bristol. We have been on numerous trips through my life together and even if on t hat day we aren’t ripping like we did in our twenties that anticipation for a new park or just pulling the rig over to check out a beach or look at something you haven’t seen before does not change.

After figuring out lines that I had lost at parks I ride about once a year and having my bad knee kill me I still finished the day happy and accomplished.

My bike had not Let me down again. It helped make my day great and lead me into an adventure. I am happy we are still connected like that. Im happy it keeps my eyes open and looking forward to a challenge or excepting of an adventure. Here are few pics of John Bristol I shot that day!
I’d love to hear what keeps you guys riding and searching in the comments!
– Shad

So I know things have been a little quiet on the site and that was due to me having an ancient computer. Well I have a new one and am excited to get back at having a fun place to share all my BMX ideas, inspirations, videos, & more podcasts. Hit me up in the comments if there is anything you would like to see.

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