Toast Toast 2014 // Photo Gallery

Texas Toast has been growing to almost a full blown BMX festival for the past few years. It has gotten so big that the boys at Odyssey had to find a location that would be a little more permanent. I was so happy each morning that Leland (Shitluck) needed to make the drive to set his booth up because I don’t think I could have made it out there. My time at Toast feels like a blur. Between Catching up with so many friends and trying to see the events and mini-events that were planned all weekend. There is only so much contest someone can take so the rest of my time in Austin was spent with friends putting some serious miles on our BMX bikes. From swimming, eating some good Tex-Mex, awesome sessions at T1 and just chilling on some curbs in the middle of the night bullshitting with some friends it was almost to perfect. You know it’s a good trip when you get a session in with Garrett Byrnes and Dave Osato. When Toast rolls around next year I’ll be back again ready to enjoy all the small things that come with BMX.

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